Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Wedding Dress

The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauck

I purchased the ebook from Barnes & Noble.

My review:

Rachel Hauck weaves together a cohesive story across two different eras. Charlotte is a modern-day bridal boutique owner who stumbles across a mysterious vintage gown; Emily is engaged and feeling family pressure to have the "right" wedding and life in 1912. As Charlotte begins trying to learn the history of the gorgeous dress in her possession, she finds more than a few mysteries attached to the gown and its past owners.

Telling a story on multiple stages, let alone in multiple time periods, is a challenge, but Hauck does it deftly. Emily's tale does not get short shift, even though the primary story line throughout is Charlotte's modern-day dilemmas. Even though both women struggle with discerning the right decisions, their story lines are unique, though related.

The faith aspect is lightly sprinkled throughout the book without being a main element. Christian readers will delight in the overt and subtle references to Scripture, while non-Christian readers will likely still find the book palatable.

Stars: 4

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