Friday, May 2, 2014

Spring Fever

Spring Fever by Mary Kay Andrews (read by Kathleen McInerney)

I borrowed the audiobook on CD from my local public library.

My review:

Annajane is attending her ex-husband's wedding, which she realizes is a little unorthodox, but then so is her whole relationship with Mason, his daughter, and his whole soda-pop-empire family. Her relationship with Mason's new bride, Celia, is more along the lines of expectation; the two women put on smiles but can barely stand each other. When a last-second accident postpones the wedding, the white cotton gloves come off.

Andrews' dialogue is as snappy and laugh-out-loud funny as in her other books, and there are enough family secrets and twists and turns to satisfy any small-town gossip. Unfortunately, Mason's actions stretch credulity at several points in the narrative. Celia starts out deliciously complex but by the end is reduced to little more than a stock character. Still, Spring Fever will be a good choice for those who love skeletons in closets and feminine characters with strong spines.

Stars: 3.5

Runability: 5

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