Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Royal Pain

A Royal Pain by Megan Mulry

I bought the ebook when it was discounted for Barnes & Nobles NOOK Daily Finds a few days ago.

My review:

Bronte is coming out of a failed relationship and decides that she needs a rebound man. Conveniently, she bumps into a delicious British doctoral candidate and convinces him-- without much difficulty-- to fill the role. The rebound relationship with lots of hot sex threatens to become more, but Bronte is stunned and dismayed to learn that her handsome Transitional Man is actually a duke and member of the royal family of England.

This is a delightful piece of bubbly chick lit. Megan Mulry's writing is very good, but habitual readers of chick lit should be prepared for extended passages of description and narration that do not involve dialogue. Like all good chick lit, however, it includes lots of great clothes, lots of killer shoes, and enough champagne to go around. The narrative-heavy sections moved the story along appropriately and the transitions flowed well, so the change from narration to more dialogue-heavy passages and back were not distracting. Several subplots were worked into the book, however, and the story line involving Bronte's relationship with her parents wasn't well-integrated into the main story until close to the end.

The ending will bother some readers, who will take issue with the choices Bronte makes and the reasons that she makes them. Still, anyone who enjoyed the movie The Prince and Me or Sophie Kinsella's I've Got Your Number will love diving into this fun little fantasy of contemporary royal romance.

P.S. Lots of swearing. Bronte likes to swear.

Stars: 4

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I'm glad I snatched it up. It's not great literature, but it was a super-fun read. It definitely whisked me away to another place and sometimes that's what I'm looking for in a book. This would be a great vacation read or a good book for curling up on a rainy Saturday with a cup of tea or glass of wine.

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