Friday, August 23, 2013

A Week in Winter

A Week in Winter by Maeve Binchy

I downloaded the audiobook from the public library's OverDrive service.

My review:

A Week in Winter is almost a collection of cozy, intertwined short stories as much as it is a novel. A motley collection of folks find their lives intersecting in an old house in western Ireland and transforming it into a welcoming, old-fashioned inn. In the first week of business, an even more eclectic group of guests gather around the farmhouse table. The book tells the story of each one.

This book is an encouraging, comforting perspective on some of the most difficult things that life has to offer-- heartbreak, betrayal, death, and dreams that never came to be. Each character encounters serious problems and setbacks, but the tone of the book is unfailingly hopeful and healing. It would be a perfect read for a fall or winter evening by the fire, but it will lend itself well to any time of year and could provide a soothing escape to someone going through a difficult season in life.

Stars: 4
Runability: 1

I just couldn't run to this one. The book was delightful, the audioproduction was excellent, but it was just too cozy to run to. I tried, but I never made it far before I switched to an upbeat musical playlist instead. It was a perfect commuting book, and I want to go live at Stone House. 

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