Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Graveminder by Melissa Marr

I purchased the ebook when it was on sale at Barnes & Noble.

My review:

I read this creepy little tome leading up to Halloween, and it was perfect for that. An idyllic small town has some odd customs when it comes to their dead; everything from how the body is handled to how the graves are tended is a bit unusual, and nobody seems to be able to explain why. When the current "graveminder" dies in a gory and mysterious fashion, her step-granddaughter returns to town for the funeral. She soon realizes that she and her ex are both in for way more than they bargained for.

The premise of this book was fascinating, and for almost the entire way through it kept me turning pages and picturing the world it portrayed. The relationship between the main characters unfolded in a clunky and unsatisfying way, however, and unfortunately came to overshadow the stronger elements of the story. I am intrigued by the complexities of the underworld, however, and I might be persuaded to pick up the sequel.

Stars: 3

I want to be Amelia. Sexy, mysterious gunslinger-girl? Sign me up. She is pretty much the main reason that I'd be interested in reading follow-up books.

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