Saturday, November 9, 2013

World War Z

World War Z by Max Brooks

I borrowed the audiobook on CD from the public library.

My review:

This "oral history of the zombie war" chronicles humanity's global struggle for survival in a zombie apocalypse. The individuals' stories are presented in chronological order, building upon one another though the characters have never met.

Max Brooks apparently has a wide array of interests, as evidenced by the many, varied, and completely believable characters he has created to tell this tale. From old-school rural doctors to hot-shot pilots, annoying basement-dwellers, and mystic Russian priests, readers get a cross-section of humanity and lots of convincing detail.

The audio production is read by a full cast, which does an excellent job. Though there is no single hero to follow through the war as the book unfolds, each individual vignette will grip through the last word. There are heroes to cheer for, clueless bumblers doomed to failure, and despicable mercenaries out to save their own skins and make a buck at any cost. This book and the audiobook production should appeal to a wide range of readers and could be a great recommendation for younger men who struggle to find compelling reading material.

Stars: 5

Runability: 4

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