Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Raven Boys

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

I got an audiobook copy courtesy of YA Sync.

My review:

A family of psychics in a small town in Virginia ends up becoming inconveniently tangled with some boys from the local prep school. Blue, the daughter who hasn't inherited the family gift, sees the ghost of one of the boys on the "corpse road," which can mean one of only two things: he's her true love, or she kills him. Either way, he's doomed to die within the year. Despite her efforts, Blue can't stay away from the boys, and they get involved in a centuries-old mystery surrounding lines of magical power and personal ambitions and greed.

Maggie Stiefvater writes a compelling story filled with complex, finely-turned relationships. Persephone, Moira, Neeve, and Orla are the coolest bunch of aunts you could ever hope to meet, and Gansey and Adam are the boys that every high school girl has a crush on. The mystery keeps things interesting.

Stars: 4

Runability: 4

Aside from a few details that are implausible or incorrect (what backyard mechanic can't drive a stick shift, I mean really), this is an exciting YA fantasy. Stiefvater does YA very well; relationships and characters are realistic and complex. While her teens are real teens, they have enough depth and maturity to them to reward even adult readers who typically avoid YA.

My main complaint is that the book is plainly the beginning of a series, which feels like an unnecessary drawing-out of the story. I plan to listen to the sequel, as well; I hope the same narrator does the reading, as he was excellent and his whiskey-rough voice made for thoroughly enjoyable listening.

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