Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fools Rush In

Fools Rush In by Janice Thompson

I got a free ebook copy through Barnes & Noble a couple of years ago.

My review, originally published... like... a year and a half ago?

I am no fan of romance books, [2013 note... at the time!] but this one struck me as exceptionally bad. There was hardly anything in the background or storyline that I found plausible (I mean, really, how hard can it possibly be to find a country-western deejay in Texas?). If the phrase "boot-scootin'" had been used one more time, I think I would have thrown my Nook across the room. I could hardly force myself through all of the forced, hokey references to the love interest's rural Texas background.

As a Christian, I felt like this book is more likely to turn non-believers against Christianity than it is to win anyone over. Why would any thinking person want to join a group of people who are apparently so dense that they (SPOILER ALERT!) believe that fainting means that you died and then were miraculously resurrected by prayer (Which happened twice. TWICE.). The unmarried female characters with the exception of Aunt Rosa are absolutely desperate to find men, and the two-week courtship is portrayed as a "God-thing." I guess the title should have given that part away.

Stars: 1.5, the 0.5 being for the lack of typographical and grammatical errors

I stumbled across this old review while organizing my LibraryThing books. I keep seeing this book on freebie and/or Christian reads sites and every time I look at the reviews for it I am baffled that so many people think it is good. I am re-posting my review here as a public service. Save yourself from this horrible book. 

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