Monday, July 8, 2013

Once Upon a Prince

Once Upon a Prince by Rachel Hauck

I received a review copy from the publisher (Zondervan) via NetGalley.

My review:

I like the library description I found on LibraryThing: "When a jilted girlfriend meets a reluctant crown prince, they discover the power of God's love to heal hearts and change a nation."

The basic storyline has already been explored in works like A Royal Pain and the movie The Prince and Me, but Hauck breathes fresh life into the familiar plot. She manages to do so while conveying a strong Christian message without being heavy-handed or unrealistic.

Susanna's situation is one that is familiar to most young women, and readers will relate to her and understand her problems and fears. While Nate's external circumstances are less typical, his internal struggles keep him from being a stiff "Prince Charming" stock character. Little sister Avery is particularly charming as supporting cast, and the Georgia coast setting is a homey and romantic backdrop for the blossoming of a friendship into more.

The first few pages of prose were a little heavy, but Hauck hit her stride quickly and treats us to an enchanting little fantasy with more than a toehold in the real world. Highly recommended for readers of contemporary Christian romance who got up early to watch the Will & Kate wedding.

Stars: 5

This is the first book by Rachel Hauck that I've actually read, but I have a few of her other works on my to-read list and now I'm excited to get to them. This little novel was a delightful summer treat.

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