Thursday, June 20, 2013

Audiobook Week: Thursday

So, you know, what the heck, I'll just jump on in halfway through the week. Why not?

Today's question:

"What do you do while you listen? Any particular tasks or games that you find amazing for audio time?"

Well, obviously, I run while I listen to audiobooks! I also listen on my commute; I drive just over half an hour each way to work. Those are the two main activities that I combine with my listening.

I also listen to audiobooks while cleaning the house, working in the yard, and folding laundry. This summer I am also able to listen sometimes at work; we are doing collection maintenance that requires a lot of mindless physical tasks.

Occasionally I will listen while I knit. 

I have never tried playing games and probably won't. Audiobooks are how I sweeten tasks that need to get done. If I have leisure time, I'll be using it to actually read.


  1. That's how I am with audiobooks, too. They're for squeezing in additional reading. If I have time to read instead, I'll pick up a print book and read!

  2. Listening to audiobooks is a great motivation to run! Knitting is a popular one today too :)

  3. I love listening to audiobooks while I run. I find it's a better distraction than music.

  4. I have such little reading time (paper books) that I will usually read if I have time to sit. I like listening to audio while working out but I need really poppy type music if I'm going to run!