Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rising Tides

Rising Tides by Nora Roberts

I downloaded the audiobook from the public library's OverDrive service.

My review:

Rising Tides is the second installment of Nora Roberts' Quinn Brothers of Chesapeake Bay series (see my review of Sea Swept, the first book, here). This book focuses on Ethan, the waterman brother who never left home and who keeps his past and his feelings closely wrapped underneath an implacable surface.

Ethan was my favorite brother in Sea Swept and Rising Tides was more enjoyable for me because of that. The setting played an even larger role this time, and Grace was a more believable love interest than Anna. The story was also more realistic, since the characters had years of friendship to build upon and the reader isn't expected to buy an instant-forever-love connection.

Seth develops more throughout this book and is becoming a full character in his own right. Cam and Anna played good supporting roles (particularly Cam; Anna still bothers me). Philip hardly appeared at all, which I found odd since the next book will focus on him.

Stars: 4

Runability: 5

I got to listen to parts of this book while running along the boardwalk in Virginia Beach and smelling the ocean-- perfect! David Stuart has done a wonderful job with the narration of these two stories. Sadly, he does not do the reading for Inner Harbor and the previous edition of that is being superseded by one that is going to be released on July 2, 2013. I will be listening to the new reading of that one. I'm not sure why a different narrator was chosen in the first place, or why that reading is being replaced now, but I hope to have a good experience with Inner Harbor despite my extreme apathy to Philip.

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