Saturday, June 22, 2013

Running update

I finally have something to talk about when it comes to running!

Next Friday I will be doing a 5-mile evening race in the neighboring town. I've been training for it using the 10k training program from, which is kicking my butt, as usual. The good part is that after the tempo and intervals runs every week, a steady run seems like hardly any effort at all, so I know that I'll be prepared to run a strong race.

In more exciting news, I've also registered for the Cleveland half-marathon next May! An internet friend of mine has become a runner over the last couple of years and I've loved following her progress. She's ready to tackle her first half and I offered to do it with her.

Though I won't begin actually training until February, I'm already very excited to have another half in my sights. I'm also glad that it's nearly a year away so I have the summer and fall to focus on life and work responsibilities.

I have a feeling that I'll be working my way through a LOT of audiobooks next spring!

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