Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Highlander's Touch

The Highlander's Touch (Highlander Saga #3) by Karen Marie Moning

My review:

I have little to say that I didn't say in Wednesday's post. This is the third book in the series, and it is definitely my favorite thus far. Most readers feel that this series improves as it goes, and you can definitely tell that KMM was developing as an author as she wrote these books.

In this book, Moning returns to the idea of a modern woman being transported to middle-ages Scotland. Until the last couple of chapters, I felt that the concepts of the time and culture clashes were addressed very well. The ending wasn't what I expected but was satisfying in its own way.

Stars: 4

Runability: 5

This one was great to run to! The first two books in the series were fine, but this one was really good. While it is a "series," you could definitely jump right in with Touch instead of reading/listening to the first two without missing anything important.

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