Thursday, January 10, 2013

Casting Spells

Casting Spells by Barbara Bretton

I purchased a paperback copy from Better World Books.

The Goodreads description:

"Sugar Maple looks like any Vermont town, but it's inhabited with warlocks, sprites, vampires, witches and an ancient secret. And Chloe Hobbs, owner of Sticks & String, a popular knitting shop, has a big secret too. She's a sorcerer's daughter in search of Mr. Right and she's found him in Luke MacKenzie, a cop investigating Sugar Maple's very first murder. Bad news is he's 100% human, which could spell disaster for a normal future with a paranormal woman like her."

My review, originally shared September, 2012:

If you like light romance-mysteries, supernatural creatures, and knitting, then you'll probably like this book. If you don't like all of those things, then you probably won't. I do like them, so I thought this book was delightful. It's a quick, easy read, but it was well-written. I laughed out loud a few times. It's like knitting shop plus fairy tale plus Stars Hollow. I'll be reading the next in the series.  

Stars: 4

I did, in fact, go on to read the other books in the Sugar Maple series and I had a wonderful time with all of them, though this one was probably my favorite by a smidge. I think there's a fifth book in the works and I plan to read it. 

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