Friday, January 25, 2013

Running update

I've been trying to be consistent with my workout routine lately. It's hard because I deal with (self-diagnosed) Seasonal Affective Disorder. Exercise is actually one of the best ways to keep my endorphins up, but this winter my SAD symptoms have been more physical than emotional. I've been sleeping a ton, and my workout regimen takes way more recovery time than it should. I'm trying to find the balance of energizing exercise without pushing so hard that it leaves me feeling drained and wrung out.

DailyMile says that I've been averaging about 9 miles a week. I try to do a 5k three times a week as a minimum, and I also do a Blogilates workout video before each run. Good audiobooks have been helping with my running, and I've also discovered a bunch of cycling videos on YouTube that have been a godsend. I set an hour-long scenery route going on my iPad, pop in my earbuds, and it's been a little easier thanks to those.

I've had some success with phototherapy in the past and I just ordered my own light therapy device yesterday; hopefully it will get here soon and give me an extra boost.

I've also been thinking about the idea of a spring race or two. I don't enter many races; I can go run without paying money for the privilege, after all. And most of the "local" races are over an hour away, meaning that my husband and I would have to get up really early to get there for registration. There are a couple of 10ks in late April that I'm considering, though. One is really close to home, and the other is cheap and has pizza and beer at the end! Having a race to train for keeps me honest about fitting my workouts in, and I like working towards a goal. So we'll see.

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