Thursday, January 10, 2013


Feed by Mira Grant

I downloaded the audiobook through the public library's OverDrive service.

My review, originally shared May 21, 2012:

There was a lot that I did like about this book-- I think Grant has imagined a very plausible post-zombie-Apocalypse world. The descriptions were thorough. Most of the characters were well-developed. The plot was pretty good and had a couple of twists that I didn't see coming.

My biggest problem with the book was the writing style. Grant relied on a lot of cliches, especially when writing in George's voice (Shaun's voice wasn't as grating to me, but he narrated far less of the book). There was a ton of needless repetition; we're reminded probably more than a dozen times that animals less than 40lbs couldn't turn into zombies. I felt similarly about the endless descriptions of security blood-testing. I understand that it was intended to reinforce how seriously security had to be taken and how dangerous the whole world had become, but the detailed description of every single door's "pinpricks," etc., became tedious.

I think readers who care primarily about the story and secondarily about the writing style would enjoy this book far more than I did.

Stars: 2

Runability: 2.5

The readers' voices probably did not help with my enjoyment of this book. The female reader sounded like she was trying really, really hard to add tons of inflection to everything she said. The male reader was much less annoying to me, but as I said, he was far less of the book.

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