Thursday, January 10, 2013

Suck Your Stomach in and Put Some Color On!

Suck Your Stomach in and Put Some Color On!: What Southern Mamas Tell Their Daughters that the Rest of Y'all Should Know Too by Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

I purchased a paperback copy from Better World Books.

My review, originally shared July 29, 2012:

Fun read... though this Yankee girl grew up hearing 2/3 of this "southern wisdom" and observing half of these "southern traditions". ;) I think Southerners find us Northerners so prickly half the time because they act like they have a monopoly on all of the good stuff and then blame us for resenting the assumption!

Stars: 3


This was cute and humorous. I don't remember how I first learned of this book, but it led me to Shellie's All Things Southern radio program and website. Podcasts of her radio talk show make good running listens, so this one gets an honorary Runability rating of 4 stars! 

The book is not particularly Christian in nature, but Shellie does address matters of faith lightly in the ATS program and in her collaborative work with the other lady writers at Southern Belle View. As a Christian from a similar cultural background, I appreciate the encouragement and down-home perspective.

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